WFH Contributor Profiles

From Zoom blunders you do NOT want to make to the newest tech gadgets you can’t live without, our team of contributors
are bringing their best tips and tricks to you. Learn a little more about them here! 

Meaghan Moraes

Meaghan is a Boston-based writer and creative with 10 years of professional content marketing experience, mainly in the B2B technology realm. She enjoys grabbing and engaging audiences with innovative content, and cultivating a brand voice that clearly communicates the big picture story—in a fresh and unique way.

For fun, Meaghan writes poetry and prose, dabbles on the keys, explores nature with her boyfriend, cooks tacos weekly, makes up dances constantly, and is PROBABLY on the verge of a new idea (her last project was a dating app called Hyther!).

Jorge Hernandez

Jorge writes for He is a child of the 90’s who appreciates sitcoms with yellow serif fonts in the credits, thinks Little Big League is the best kids baseball movie and pretends he was never into Dave Matthews. He also manages content for Atlanta Eats, OTHR Food Network and other brands while mismanaging a 1 year old at home. He occasionally makes a YouTube show, Home Solo, when he is bored/his child isn’t screaming.

Lily Teplow

Lily has been working as a marketing professional in the technology industry for the past five years. She has a passion for writing, storytelling, and is always up for a good brainstorm. Lily is also a lover of puns, cold brew, corny dad jokes, and karaoke (her go-to song is KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree).

Tim Lewis

Tim is an award-winning video producer and editor from Quincy, MA. His passion for production began at age 10 with his own cable access show, Where in the Town is Mister Travels? As an Emerson College graduate, Tim strives to bring innovation and creativity to everything he works on, and is no exception! In his spare time, Tim enjoys Dogspotting, brewing beer, and traveling to new countries on his ever-expanding travel list.

Trisha Pintavorn

Trisha Pintavorn is a content marketing whiz (or at least likes to think of herself that way!) based in Atlanta. She also creates content for Atlanta Eats and has worked in marketing at Habitat for Humanity and Everywhere Agency in the past. You can generally find her spending too much on cocktails around town, misplacing her keys and/or phone, and asking strangers if she can please pet their dog.

Chris Kostecki

Chris is a digital marketing vet that started working from home instead of driving to the office for 3 hours every day. That was 2 years ago, and now it looks like he was ahead of the curve! Learn how to balance family, life, and work, all from the same seat! This 40 year old dad of 3 young kids, offers a real-world lived experienced WFH perspective to those who have been juggling the lifestyle for years or are just joining the fray. So, put some pants on, go microwave that cup of coffee you brewed 2 hours ago and see what Chris has to say today.

Kyle Korelishn

Kyle is a “contributor” for He looks old despite being born yesterday which is maybe how he got a job running Atlanta Eats & Bread n Butter Content Studio. In between iced coffee purchases, his time is filled with running, the Howard Stern show, and photoshopping images that on their best day have been met with a “ha” and nothing else. Despite receiving zero superlatives in his high school yearbook, he’s still giving this whole life thing a go, and hopes that you enjoy his contributions.

Karen Julia

Karen has been a remote ‘working from home’ worker way before it was cool, or the result of a global pandemic. For the last 15 years she’s been calling yoga pants office wear and finding ways of working from home to improve productivity, increase efficiency and work to achieve a work-life balance around home life. She’s excited to share her time tested tips and hacks with us.

Jon Teplow

Jon hasn’t worn pants in 7 years…He coincidentally began 100% remote working 5 years ago…Mostly out of his love of not wearing pants. His 2 kids are not as enthusiastic about his fondness of not wearing pants, but until they start contributing rent this pantless single Dad will forge on! Jon will be adding mostly meaningless tips about not ever wearing pants that most readers will not pay any attention to. As a matter of fact, Jon’s no pants obsession led him to start So while most readers, colleges, partners & friends ignore Jon’s sans pants shenanigans…He has finally found a relevant platform to publish content on the sheer splendor of NOT WEARING PANTS!!!!!