Best Lighting for Zoom Meetings! 5 Affordable Lighting Hacks


“Let’s just hop on a quick zoom” can definitely be the most dreaded words nowadays when you don’t have pants on your hair’s a mess, and you don’t have like a well lit and easy setup place in your house ready to go for those unexpected zoom requests. But you can totally master your next zoom call and feel totally put together and ready to go. If you just take a few minutes to invest in an easy and affordable lighting setup.

1. Floor Lamp

The first option you’ve got is just your standard floor lamp we’ve all probably gotten one in our home. But what’s so good about the Santa for lamp is that it doesn’t take up too much room and it can often provide a nice soft glow on your zoom calls. Especially you’ve got a shade that’s more translucent.

2. Desk or Task Lamp

Another option that’s great is of course a task or desk lamp that she can have ready to go on your workspace. And this is great for when you’re actually working and can often also provide just the right amount of glow for your zoom calls. One thing I don’t love about Tasker desk lamps is that the light can be a little bit too bright, a little bit harsh at times. But this is still great if you really need that bright light to have a focus workspace.

3. Piano Lamp

Another option for lighting is a piano lamp, which is something that you maybe see more in antique stores or maybe your grandparents house, but it can also provide a great source of lighting in your workspace. It’s a little bit less harsh than your task lamp, it’s a little bit more spread out. And it can be another great option for helping you look your best on zoom.

4. Sweeping Arc Floor Lamp

Another trendier option would be as sweeping floor lamp that’s got definitely got some more design appeal. These are typically more placed in the living room around couches. And they take up a lot more space but they can provide similar to the standard for lamp a great source of light that’s maybe not too harsh.

5. Ambient Light

And the last light source that I also really like to use is some sort of ambient lamp that provides a nice soft glow. That’s an ambient glow. And just because one of the advantages of working from home is getting to have a more comfortable environment that doesn’t have the harsh fluorescence of the office. And so having something that’s more cozy and softer, not only is great for making you feel more comfortable and relaxed, but also is going to make you look better and unless washed out on zoom. So these are just five light options that can help you look your best on zoom and make the most out of your work from home work day.