7 Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Office


Is your home office situation not working for you? If you’re looking to redesign your home to make the most out of your space, it can be a great idea to incorporate some elements of Fung Shui to really make sure you’re finding the best energy flow and the best design to make your work environment even more comfortable and productive.

Feng Shui Office Desk Position

Fung Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that uses energy forces to harmonize you with your surrounding environment. When you’re taking on the task of the workday, answering those important emails, taking important client calls, and trying to basically just achieve maximum productivity. It’s completely essential that you’ve achieved harmony with your environment, and you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed in your workspace.

Feng Shui Office Layout Examples

The easiest way to start using the principles of Fung Shui in your homework environment is to pick out a great desk. Wooden desks are actually considered optimal in Fung Shui because of the natural energy they bring, that’s also grounding and has a nourishing quality to it. A glass desk is actually considered to be the least optimal because it’s too frenetic. Um, it’s less solid material. So if you do opt for a glass desk, you’ll want to counterbalance that with maybe some air plants or some greenery. To add a nourishing quality of energy. Metal does stand for precision and accuracy. So if that’s if those are qualities that are that you really find yourself drawn to the metal, those can also be a great option.

Feng Shui Office Colors

Rectangular desks, your typical desks are great and that they provide a nice grounding energy. What you actually want to avoid are squared desks and round desks squared desks promote stagnation, while round desks have too much movement. There’s some really great wooden desks on Amazon that provide an ideal energy flow, and they’re linked below in the description box.

Feng Shui Office Plants

So in Fung Shui, there’s something that you want to remember called the command position. This is basically the ideal position for your desk, you’re going to want your desk in a position where you can see the door to your office, but you’re not in line with the door and where you have a solid wall behind you. You want to be by window potentially, but you don’t want to be looking directly into the window and you don’t want your back to the door. You definitely don’t want to be facing the wall or be directly in line with the door either. Having your back to the door in particular is not considered optimal. Because you could be startled by intruders you’re not going to feel safe and cozy and you don’t have a nice clear view of your space. But basically once you’ve got your ideal desk picked out, and you’re set up in the command position, you can add some supplemental lighting and you’ll be good to go.