How Much Sitting is Too Much?


has your back been killing you since March? If you’ve been working from home like I have you have been sitting down more than ever, and when you’re at home are sitting spaces are set up for relaxation, not productivity. When we’re in the office, we’re getting up to head to a meeting or chat with a colleague or take a walk to lunch. At home, you’re walking to your desk to your kitchen to your bathroom. And that’s about it.

How many hours a day should I be sitting down?

So the first question I asked myself is how many hours a day should I be sitting down? Today, the average office worker sits for about 10 hours a day at work and at home, medical researchers say that sitting for that long is dangerous and associated with higher risks of cancer, obesity, heart disease, and depression. And according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, office, workers should stand move, and take breaks 25% of their eight-hour workday. Now I didn’t plan for things to go on this long and up until recently, I was using a folding chair for my 40 plus hours a week in front of my computer at home.

Does the type of chair I sit on the matter?

Yes, it does. And if you’re using a folding chair, it’s a huge mistake. Chairs like this don’t give you enough support in your lumbar or lower back region and pelvis that makes your back muscles stress and leads to a better chance of getting a herniated disc or having other back problems. You also concentrate better and can work longer when you have good posture. Apparently old school chairs only really focused on lumbar support, not hip support. They didn’t take into account all of those hours we’d be spending in front of a computer in the future. But that’s the key to keeping your back from barking and this work from the homeworld we live in.

What are some other ways to improve circulation while sitting?

Besides chairs, you might be wondering, what are some other ways to improve circulation while sitting. If you’re hammering away at the content minds like me, you might be stuck at your desk for eight hours a day without a chance to get up. And the answer is to keep your legs moving. You can try a few quick and easy exercises like flexing your foot up and down or rotating your ankles every few minutes to keep the blood flowing. also putting on a little music and dancing with your feet works for me sometimes. So after a few weeks of shopping online, I finally settled on the great ergonomic chair from Branch. It’s got adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and asynchronous bass that encourages correct posture.

Check out the link in the description of this video and visit our website for more great working from home tips. Thanks for watching and I hope your back feels better