Should you use a Treadmill Desk When Working from Home?


We all know that time is the most valuable commodity on the planet. So when you’ve only got a few hours each day to make the most of it, it can feel like a revelation when you discover a new way to be efficient. That’s why treadmill desks are an incredible innovation.

Of course you might be wondering, “Can you lose weight with a treadmill desk?” “Are under desk treadmills worth it?” “What’s the best desk treadmill desk?” We’ll answer that and more in this article!

Can you Lose Weight With a Treadmill Desk?

To start, if you’re asking, “Can you lose weight on a treadmill desk?” the answer is yes! Celebrities who have had visible weight loss have attributed treadmill desks to their success, including Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel, Weatherman Al Roker and Comedian Steve Harvey. As long as you’re moving, you’re burning calories, and treadmill desks are the best way to keep you moving when you’ve got a big day of answering emails.

What’s the right speed to use on a treadmill desk? What’s the right posture?

Top speed on most treadmill desks is around 4mph, but your best bet to be able to type and walk is probably around 3mph, and if you’re doing any sort of design/editing work, you might want to scale it back to 1 or 2mph. The idea isn’t that you’re gunning it for a hard workout – the point is to simply stay active while you’re work and not sit all day. It’s also important to do the things you generally do to keep good posture. Keep your head and neck in line with your torso. Make sure your standing desk reaches your bent elbows at a 90 degree angle. Keep your monitor at eye level, a good tip whether you’re standing or sitting. And finally, make sure your shoulders are relaxed by rolling them out clockwise, then letting them drop.

Are treadmill desks good for productivity?

Treadmill desks can actually be great for productivity! In particular, they can help keep you focus on single-minded tasks. As mentioned, you can type and walk at around 3mph, but it can be difficult for design-based or video editing work. For those instances, you may want to keep the speed very low, otherwise it may be difficult to complete and result in lower productivity.

Are Under Desk Treadmills Worth It?

But not everyone can shell out the big bucks for the desks these celebrities are all using. That’s why under desk treadmills are an incredibly cost efficient way of working out while working. There’s a great one Amazon for under $300 from Gamma, going all the way up to the $500 range with the Rhythm Fun Treadmill. You can also install a laptop stand on an existing treadmill for a cost effective way of doing this – I’ve included one below that you can find from VIVO.

What’s the Best Treadmill Desk?

We’ve shown that these under desk treadmills can be affordable, but there are a number of other options, including a few that aren’t even treadmills! Exercise bike desks give you yet another option for workouts. I’ve included some of the higher end bicycle desk options if that is closer to what you are looking for. Enjoy the added efficiency of combining your workouts with work on a treadmill desk and treadmill bikes. All links included below!