7 Home Office Essentials to Make Working From Home Easier


This is George from you uworkfh.com. Have you been a little bit stressed while working at home missing some of the stuff that you used to have at the office or the regular routine of your life? Well, I think it’s good to set up a checklist of things that you might need to make working from home a lot easier. So here’s my list of seven working from home essentials to make life of your home office a lot easier.

So a couple of things you probably asked yourself over the course of these working from home months, is what does every home office need? Is there anything I need from my old office at work that I don’t have at home.

1. Organize all of the cords

So the first thing you probably have to do is organize all of the cords and crap that you have around your desk. surge protector is the most essential so that you’re not pulling extension cords all over your house, I found this great one from rocket fish which has USB ports so I can connect to my phone using the phone cable without having to add those stupid little boxes. It also gives room for other stuff that of course, you can get a basic one, which I included in the description from Amazon. But one thing you want to do is organize them. So I also included a cord organizer box that hopefully looks a little bit stylish and fits in with your office decor.

2. Laptop stand

Number two is a laptop stand if you are a little bit tight on space, there’s a lot of great laptop stand options out there that include some organizing organizing shelves right under the laptop, I included some links to those. But if you’re one of those people who likes to stand up and walk around, and you want to get something that’s adjustable depending on whether or not you want to be sitting or standing, but you don’t have the budget for one of those moveable laptop stands that cost a couple hundred bucks, I found a great DJ laptop stand that’s adjustable to any height that you want for under 100 bucks.

3. A chair with really great back support

Another super essential item that you’re going to want is a chair with really great back support, you can check out another video I did about this chair that I got from branch. But I was looking for something similar because it is a little on the pricier side and I found a great ergonomic chair on Amazon that including including in the link below. So take a look and and definitely get that might might as well be number one on the list, because it is so important to keep your back support.

4. Get some more exercise in

And one of the nice things about working from home is that you don’t have to commute back and forth to work. So it gives you a little extra time on the margins to get some more exercise in. But if you don’t have a lot of space, don’t have the budget for a bike, it’s kind of hard to find the right thing to do. I found this great resistance band training package from trs as it’s called the TRX Go Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Training Bands. And the nice thing is you can just pack them up in a duffel bag, stick them under your desk, pull them out when you’re ready to get work at it.

5. I love a good candle

One of the things that sucks about working from home is that your house is where your offices so if you had a smelly lunch, it can kind of stink up your day. I’m a man who’s not afraid to say I love a good candle, especially a fresh linen candle. It’s my favorite. And you can find some great ones from Lulu candles.. They have lots of other great brands if you’re not into laundry.

6. Plants help brighten up the space

You might not notice but your office that you used to work at probably had a lot of plants around to help brighten up the space. So it’s something to think about adding in your own home office space to kind of make it feel a little bit more warm and engaging to work. And I found a really great plant company called perfect plants on Amazon. And they sell these really perfect plants, these little snake plants that are actually like super low maintenance, you just got to give them a little bit of water, a little bit of sunlight, you know, super easy to maintain and really can spruce up your offices.

7. Those little tiny k cup machines

If you’re like me, one of the things you miss about the old office are those little tiny k cup machines where you can just pop in and get an easy coffee. I found this great product from Nespresso called the vertuo plus, which is a coffee pod maker in an espresso maker. So if you have the time to make yourself the coffee that you really want to make or you just want a quick k cup style coffee, and espresso machine has.

Well I hope this list helped you get your home office essentials in order. To subscribe to our YouTube channel, click here.